Jasmine Lee is a photographer based in Los Angeles that specializes in portrait, fashion, music, and product photography. 


I used to understand photography as just taking quick snapshots and making temporary memories. There was never intent behind my work when I started. As I grew, I developed a deeper understanding of pictures; more specifically, the use, the meaning, and the depth. I wanted to make people look, to show them something that sticks. My photography style incorporates a sense of imagination and storytelling in which I’m able to take something ordinary and figure out how to make it extraordinary. I once thought about how strong my imagination was as a child, but as the years went on, that inner child got lost. Perhaps I felt that the society that we live in and the standards that my parents upheld didn’t allow any room for creativity. However, with my current work, I am able to capture and create moments that feel surreal. I am more in touch with my inner self and provide stories that can be seen in a multitude of ways. My aspiring work with other artists from different genres allows me to be more in touch with this dynamic world. I no longer take photos for quick snapshots, but instead, take them to tell a story filled with rich backgrounds and interesting people.

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